Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy in Józefów


If you are interested to study in WSGE

Admission process


  • February intake
  • Academic semester will start 22nd February 2016

  • June Intake
  • Academic semester will start on 13th June 2016
    Offer letters will be issued until on 15th May 2016
    Invitation letters will be issued until 1st June 2016
    Note: payment needs to be done until 30th May 2016!
    All application which will be submitted after 15th May 2016
    will be transferred for October intake.

  • October intake
  • Academic semester will start on 3rd October 2016
    Offer letters will be issued until on 1st September 2016
    Invitation letters will be issued until 15th September 2016
    Note: payment needs to be done until 13th September 2016!
    All application which will be submitted after 15th September 2016
    will be transferred for February 2017 intake.

    Please be informed that we don`t accept direct admissions and we always ask student to contact with our partner.



Admission Step by Step

1. Choose course which you would like to study in WSGE
           Information about courses, study programme, internship

2. Find our partner in your country
           Please visit: Admission – Admission Partners – Your Country

3. Submit all required documents to our partner
           • Passport copy
           • Educational documents
           • IETLS certificate (if you have it)

4. Assessment of submitted documents

5. Skype interview

6. Payment of 100 Euros of registration charge (it will be deducted from your tuition fee so it is not additional charge for students who`ll proceed with application) to the University`s partner

7. University issues the offer letter

8. Preparation of documents required during visa procedure
(apostille, sponsor letter, bank statement with min. 4 lacs yearly income /India, Nepal/, travel insurance)

9. Payment of required fees to the University`s bank account:
            In advance you need to pay:

     • tuition fee for the first year of your study in WSGE:

           Bachelor in Business Administration 2500 EUR/ year

           Bachelor in Hotel and Tourism Management 2500 EUR/ year

           Master in Business Administration 2800 EUR/ year

           Master in Business Information Systems 3000 EUR / year

In case of visa refusal, University refunds all fees paid by student. Refund process lasts max 10 days from the moment when University`s representative will receive:

           Refusal letters (from first application and appeal), application to the Chancellor (we`ll send template of the application).
           Please note that bank charges will be deducted.

     • 5 months accommodation fee (500 EUR) + hostel safety deposit (100 EUR) You`ll stay in four-bed room. Separately all rooms have bathroom inside.Kitchen and laundry room is shared.Hostel requires apart of 5 month fee also 100 Euros of safety deposit.From this deposit hostel will cover costs of damages caused by student.Safety deposit is refundable in case of 1 month termination of moving our from the hostel. Please note that if you will move out from the hostel, before you`ll use your full 5 month payment, you can write application to the Chancellor of the university and the rest of your accommodation fee will be deducted from your next year tuition fee.

     • 50 EUR for student ID card and medical test, Medical test will take place at the University before end of 1st academic semester. Information about the bank account:
           If a student wants to pay in EURO bank details are as following:
Name: Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy in Józefów
Address: ul. Sienkiewicza 4, 05-410 Jozefow
Name of the Bank: PKO BP Address of the bank: Puławska 15 Street, 02-515 Warsaw
SWIFT: BPKO PL PW IBAN: PL 64 1020 1127 0000 1102 0198 5654

Full costs of transfer are on the Student's side. The university should receive full fees.

10. University issues the invitation letter and send copy of this letter to the Embassy / High Commission All letters are always send to the consultancy, not directly to the student. Students is allowed to submit copy of letter (scan copy) in the Embassy.

11. Student apply for a visa If you`ll get visa, please look for next steps below. If you`ll not get visa please read refund policy mentioned above and proceed accordingly.

12. University`s partner sends copy of your visa and ticket to Poland.

13. Student arrives to Poland (Frideric Chopin Airport, Warsaw) University will arrange airport pick up.
Please note that taxi driver will wait for you always 1 hour after your scheduled arrival next to McDonald restaurant in the arrival area. Please wait down there for driver and in case of any problems, please contact with Mrs. Marta Bojaruniec – 0048 508 323 094. Driver will have paper with your name and surname, so that if you`ll notice him, please introduce yourself as a WSGE student. You don`t have to pay for airport pick up.

14. Student arrives to the hostel Our taxi driver will take you to the hostel.
In the hostel we`re placing students with the same nationality (if it`s possible). We never mix female and male students in one room. If you`re coming as a married couple you will stay separately. If you want to stay together, you need to pay more for double room. It`s not allowed to stay together among other students in one room. In the hostel you`ll receive free Lyca Mobile Sim Card (all phone calls and text message for free among Lyca users) Next day you should ask other students how to reach university and come here to sign all required documents.

15. Formalities at the University For the first day at the University you should bring:
-Original educational documents Bachelor students should bring 12th certificate and mark sheet / higher secondary certificate with mark sheet.

-Master students need to submit higher secondary (without apostille) and bachelor`s degree. Certificates need to be apostilled or legalized by Ministry.

-2 identical photographs 35x45

-Insurance copy

-Passport First day at the University you`ll sign agreement University-Student and you`ll receive decision about admission for the study.

-Please note that you`ll have to cover remaining fees (if you didn`t pay eg. accommodation fee) in full amount, in cash, the first day at the University.

16. Student receive student ID card With student ID card in Poland students have eg. 50% of discount for public transportation and most of public services, cinemas etc.

For more details about admission and visa procedure, please contact our Managers for international admission:
Director for International Relations Office Marta Wójcicka M.A. Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamującymi. W przeglądarce musi być włączona obsługa JavaScript, żeby go zobaczyć. Office: +48 22 780 10 07 ext.16 Mobile: +48 508 323 094