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International Scientific Conference "Management competencies high school teacher"

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On 14-15 of March 2013 the National Pedagogical University by Mikhail Drahomanov held International Scientific Conference "Management competencies high school teacher," which collected dozens of subjects of domestic and foreign scholars in the field of management, teachers, theorists and practitioners, including WSGE representatives.

Event was organized by the Department of Information and Innovation in Education Institute retraining and NEA.

During three sections of the scientists discussed the content of the professional competence of teachers, participation of teachers in the management education and teacher organization of high school. Analyzed the formation of the management culture of the teacher as a prerequisite for its effective occupation. Scientists were presented ideological foundation of management skills of the teacher, the philosophical principles of the development of the general theory of management and axiological principles of self-organization of teacher. Considered in detail without exception types competences the teacher of the university, their information field and model of formation.

The apogee of discussion was fruitful debate between participants at the roundtable on 15 of March 2013, which worked on the subject of "Managing Career guidance, recruitment and employment of university students."

Also in the conference program was provided  the practical part, combining not only intense communication and also trainings and workshops. Particularly interested could visit the workshop of candidate of economic sciences, professor Elena Pugacheva "Game theory in building a culture of trust and cooperation," the training of Doctor of Sociology, Professor Eduard Aphonin "Psychosocial diagnosis of personality as a factor in motivating students" and test-training candidate of psychological sciences Zoja Garkavenko "Evaluation of the effectiveness of learning activities: procedures and technology."