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We are proud to invite you to the International Conference on “Dilemmas of contemporary public administration”.

The coorganizer of the confernece is Rivne Agrarian University. The conference will take place on 6th September 2013

Among others the Conference aims into: attempting to diagnose the underlying problems that affect the effectiveness of the public administration, propose ways to solve specific problems related to the functioning of public administration. 


The main topics of the Conference are: problems associated with the normal interaction of government and local government, conflicts at the crossroads of public administration - the citizens, issues raised in the context of cooperation between public administration and non-governmental organizations and the business sector. 

At the first place to the Conference there are invited academics involved in public administration in the broad sense. To participate in the conference are also invited practitioners, government officials and representatives of local government units. 


 The recipient must also include parliamentarians, representatives of non-governmental organizations co-operating with the public administration, as well as businessmen cooperating with it in the implementation of various projects in the private - public partnership. 


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