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On the 23-24th of May 2013, WSGE delegation composed of Dr Sofia Sokolova, Mgr Adam Nowacki and Valeriya Goncharenko (student) took part in the VI International scientific conference "Prospects of higher education" at National Agricultural University of Grodno, Belarus.

On the 23rd of May at the plenary meeting, Vice-Rector Sergey Tarasenko presented the cooperation agreement signed between the National Agricultural University of Grodno and the Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy in Józefów.

In the name of Mrs.Anna Śniegulska-Wach, our student - Valeriya Goncharenko - has presented the paper:  “The lecturer’s role in the internationalization of the higher education”. 

On next day an official meeting with Vice-Rector Sergey Tarasenko and Head of Office for International Cooperation took place, which outlined possible areas of cooperation:

  • Vice-Rector expressed interest in participation of their teachers in courses in English, taking part at the WSGE,
  • participation of students and faculty in summer schools and language courses conducted at the WSGE,
  • development of joint research projects,
  • consideration of the prospects of joint educational projects with the possibility of issuing double degrees.

During the meeting, on the 23rd of May the Director of the Department of Education Grodno Executive Committee Grodno cityLameko Sergei Vasilyevich expressed his interest in cooperation with WSGE, especially within language courses and summer schools (hold at WSGE) for educators, teachers and students.