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Visiting Zagreb, November 2013

WSGE - Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy has started cooperation with Croatian universities in 2013. The first visit to Croatia happened in the middle of November 2013, when Anna Śniegulska-Wach, WSGE Director of International Relations Office and Denis Cerić, WSGE tutor, visited VERN’ University of Applied Sciences and Zagreb University’s Fair in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb.

During this visit, our representatives have met with Aida Liha Matejiček , VERN’s Vice-Dean for International Cooperation and lifelong learning, Višnja Grozdanić, VERN’s Vice-Dean for Studies and administrators from the VERN’s international office Dubravko Kraus and Ana Buljan. There were discussions about the possibilities of cooperation, especially in the internationalization of the VERN’s education system, Erasmus possibilities, sharing EU experiences and involving into new common scientific projects. WSGE representatives have presented possibilities of e-learning studies and Erasmus programmes for VERN’s students. During the visit, WSGE’s tutor Denis Cerić held couple of lectures for VERN students of Tourism and Management, on the course of VERN’s tutor Željko Trezner.

Second part of visit was dedicated to promotion of studying at WSGE. Our representatives have made several good contacts on Zagreb University’s Fair and have contacted directly dozens of potential students. Hopefully we will have some students from Croatia next year.