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Between 1st and 7th February 2014 delegation of the WSGE, Mrs. Anna Śniegulska-Wach and Mrs. Marta Wójcicka, have visited Pakistan.

First we visited Lahore where we had seminar in Pear Continental Hotel organized by our partner, Mr. Farrukh Luqman and his team from Education Concern. We met a lot of students and provide presentation about the University of Euroregional Economy and study in Poland. Next day (2nd February 2014) we visited IBL Commerce College in Faisal Town, Lahore and The Leadership College Network, Township, Lahore. We also organized there seminar about WSGE and study in Poland. After that together with our partner Mr. Sohail Sajid, President of Pak -  Polish Cultural Exchange Organization, we visited the Career Counseling Centre of the biggest university of Pakistan – Univeristy of Punjab. We had personal interaction with students in the office of the Career Counseling Centre and also we provided seminar in one of the classrooms at the Univeristy. In the afternoon of 2nd of February we start our journey by car to get to Islamabad. On 3rd February we visited 3rd the biggest University in Pakistan – COMSATS Univeristy. We met with the senior officials of the university which showed their interest for some possible exchange programme with the Univeristy of Euroregional Economy and showed us different departments and university`s library. During our visit in Islamabad we visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan, where we met Director of Europe, Mr. Shahbaz Hussain, and the Director Genereal of Europe, Mr. Zaheer Khan. Senior officials of the Ministry also extended cooperation to introduce the WSGE and Polish Education System in Pakistan. The same day we visited the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan which is the regulatory authority of all the educational institutions of Pakistan. We met the Advisor of HEC, Dr. Tariq Mehmood, who extended hospitality and offered his help for Univeristy of Euroregional Economy in collaboration with Pakistani universities and colleges. After this visit we had a pleasure to meet Prof. dr. Samina Amin Qadir, together with other faculty member, at the amazing largest public university for females in Pakistan –the Fatima Jinnah Women University  (FJWU). Mrs. Samina Amin Qadir, who is the Vice Chancellor of the university, and her coworkers showed keen interest in courses offered by Alcide de Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy and seek some possible exchange programme. Of course as usual when we are visiting new country we decided to met with the Polish Counsellor in Pakistan, Mr. Artur Deluga. We discussed about educational system in Pakistan and recruitment process in the WSGE.

It was a great time we have spent in Pakistan. We would like to thank all of our partners, especially Mr. Sajid Sohail and Mr. Farrukh Luqman, and all the persons who showed hospitality during our visit in this beautiful and interesting country. 




There was no time to take a rest because just after we came back to Poland on 10th of February we were on the way to Uzbekistan. The main goal of our second trip to this country was to take part, also for the second time, in the 10th Annual International Exhibition “Education and Career 2014” organized among others by our partners from Tashkent, Mr. Rustam Sapaev and Mr. Oloviddin Suyunov and their team from the Neo-Consulting on 13th-14th of February. This year the fair was organized together with additional events showing local fashion, culture, food and others. During the fair we met a lot of students from Uzbekistan. For the second time we met there Polish Counsellor in Uzbekistan, Mr. Marian Przeździecki, who was promoting study in Poland. Some of students visited our table second time because they also participated in the previous edition of this fair. Two days  of fair were very busy and bring us again a lot of good impression about this country and Uzbek people. On 15th of February we organized seminar for students in the office of the European Consulting Center. Meeting was organized by  ECC Director of the representative in Uzbekistan, Mrs. Natalia Romanova. On 16th of February for the first time in our lives we crossed the Uzbek-Tajik border by foot. It was a great adventure. First, together with Mrs. Robiya Majidova - Multikid representative in Gogd - we organized seminar with the students of the Gymnasium in Bobojon Gafurov and "Gurdofarid" Center in Kairakkum. The same day we met for the first time amazing businesswomen and owner of the biggest language center in Khujand, Mrs. Gadaybaeva Umeda Azizovna. With her help and the team of “Arkon” Language Centre we visited and organized seminar in the Tajik State University, State University of Commerce and Goethe gymnasium in Khujand. Next day, on 17th of February we flied to Dushanbe to visit our partners from there. First we met Mr. Daniel Zaretsky in his office and after that together we visited the Tajik State University of Commerce in Dushanbe. We met with the Rector of the University and organized a seminar for the students of foreign language faculty. The same day finally we had a chance to meet with our partners from Multikid. Together with Mrs. Nargis Makhmadova (Multikid S.A.P. Coordinator) and her team we organized seminar for the students in the Multikid`s office. Unfortunately we didn`t have the time to stay longer in this beautiful country and amazing people because we had to go back to Uzbekistan. Again by foot we crossed the borders and came back to Tashkent. On 20th of February we had a big seminar in the Neo-Consulting office where we met at least 100 students. Next day finally, after a lot of hard word and great time we were ready to go back Poland. In Uzbekistan and Tajikistan we also spent a lot of beautiful moments and met a lot of very hospital and amazing people.

This long journey gave us a great opportunity to meet a lot of officials and get more information about educational system of Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

We also hope that we met a lot of future-students of the University of Euroregional Economy.