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During the ‘American Week’ at WSGE from 12th to 16th May 2014 we were honoured to welcome a delegation from Carson Newman University, TN, USA consisted of academics and international students from this university.

The first day started at 10 o’clock with team building for both students and teachers. Students had also an opportunity to show some of their physical strength by taking part in games, such as volleyball, golf, American football and many more. After such exhausting activities everybody was kindly requested to taste traditional food prepared by WSGE students. At the end of the day the lottery was held.

The second day was the conference day. Conference on ‘Teaching English in English’ was addressed to students, lecturers and other invited guests. The conference referred to a variety of methods for teaching and learning English and conducting classes in English. Participants discussed about cultural differences, idiomatic expressions and their origin, pros and cons of TOEIC exam as well as how important the internationalization of higher education is.

On the 15th of May we had a chance to get to know more about all participating countries, culture and the history. Countries such as U.S.A, South Korea, Taiwan, India, China, Ukraine, Nepal, Poland, and Tajikistan are just few examples what was presented. Some of the students wore national clothes during their presentation. Everybody was amazed and delighted with the traditional dance from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

The last day of “American Week” was devoted to the debate about differences in educational systems all over the world. Students were asked to tell about the whole process of education in their home countries. The participants of this debate discussed about how English classes are conducted, the advantages and disadvantages of educating system in countries for instance in the USA, Poland or China. The day ended with greetings to organizers, visiting professors, students and handing all the participants certificates.