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Countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Asia - challenges of 21st Century

Conference titled: Countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Asia - challenges of 21st Century.

Date: 18-19th June 2012
Venue: Józefów (n. Warsaw, Poland)

Description: Identify the main challenges in visegrad (V4) and Asian relations. We will focus on such countries as: 
India, Nepal, Tajikistan, Iran, Bangladesh and China.The goal also is to exchange experiences and knowledge between researchers from the universities in the V4 countries and Asia as well as students.

Indication of the common problems and differences. The topics are wide so participants will create the substance of the discussion.

First day: joint session for all of participants. subsequently running discussion in two panels (paper presentation).
Second day: Work in four panels. Workshops guided by mix teams;
moderators. After panels will be the last lecture for all participants.

For the past few years University of Euroregional Economy has been cooperating with Asian countries, particularly with Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Tajikistan and Turkey. We have launched studies in English, on which the highest percentage of students comes from Asia. Furthermore, the University vividly cooperates, both in the scientific and didactic field, with academic centers from the countries of Visegrad Group (V4Group).

Taking this into account, we are planning to organize a Scientific Conference regarding relations between V4 Group and Asian countries. The main goal of this Conference is to bring closer problems in particular Asian countries to the inhabitants of East-Central Europe countries. It is also intended to find possible areas of cooperation between those two parts of the world. Lastly, the Conference is supposed to become a platform to exchange experience and knowledge between scholars, experts and students from both regions of the world.
Many scholars and leading experts from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia as well as from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Iran and China are invited. Such a variety of great minds from different countries will definitely result in a wonderful exchange of thoughts and will inspire us to look for what Europe and Asia have in common in 21st century.

The Conference will consist of the following thematical panels:

  • Social and political issues& human rights
  • Law and economy
  • Security
  • Energy sector and renewable sources of energy

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