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Timetables for summer semester 2016/2017

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Dear Students!
After few days we`ll finish winter holidays. Use incoming days wisely because soon you`ll have to again work hard during academic year. Classes we`ll start on 13th March 2017. Your schedule is already uptaded in the Virtual Dean`s Office (Wirtualny Dziekanat) (
If you don`t remember how to log into the WD, please use following instruction:
Don`t forget that we have 3 University`s buildings. In your timetable you should always check classroom number:
- Classrooms with letter C: Main building of the University (Sienkiewicza 4)
- Classrooms with letter SK: building in Skorupki Str. / nearby train station)
- Classroom with letter B: New University building, Sienkiewicza 9 Street).