Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy in Józefów


If you are interested to study in WSGE

UPDATE - Timetables for the 1st sem. students

Email Drukuj

Dear New Students of WSGE,

please find attached timetables for the next week of your classes. Full timetable is available at the WSGE website.

Here you can find the way how to log into Virtual Dean`s Office 


Don`t forget that we have 3 University`s buildings. In your timetable you should always check classroom number:

- Classrooms with letter C: Main building of the University (Sienkiewicza 4)

- Classrooms with letter SK: building in Skorupki Str. / nearby train station)

- Classroom with letter B: New University building, Sienkiewicza 9 Street). 


Study Groups: LINK



Bachelor - group A

Bachelor - group B

Bachelor - group C


Master - group A

Master - group B

Master - group C