Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy in Józefów


If you are interested to study in WSGE

Information from Mr Jakub Sokołowski

Email Drukuj

This information is for all of the students who are not eligible for the ZERO term, but the first term is not convenient for them (for any reason). On Tuesday 13.06. I will be waiting (in one of the rooms in Sienkiewicza building) between 11 and 13. The exam will be ORAL so you have to STUDY. Visit e-learning platform, take lessons with your friends, who have been attending classes. I give you 2 hours of my private time, in return I ask you to respect this time, which means: I would like to see only people, who REALLY cannot come to the first term and who are PREPARED. If you are not prepared you are going to receive an F mark from the exam and we are going to see each other in September during the re-take session.

Best wishes and a lot of luck on your exams, JS”