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Erasmus experience - Sukhbir Singh


I am Sukhbir Singh, Student of MBA Final semester. I was on Erasmus Student exchange program in my last semester in Zagreb,Croatia at Vern University.

I would like to share my Erasmus study experience with my friends and who wants to go abroad for erasmus students exchange program. First I would like to say thanks to our University WSGE Euroregional Economy University which gave chance to me to go for Erasmus student exchange program. The motive of this course to explore your knowledge and learn about the culture traditions of the different countries and promote our native culture as well. the basic purpose of this course to achieve your goals under different climate and be successful. if we see this program is very successful. 


I went to Zagreb,Croatia for my Erasmus Student exchange program at Vern University of applied Science. As per mostly people know that Croatia is so beautiful place and  have so many beautiful tourist attractions and the most part of croatia is touch the sea and have so many islands, every part of island has its own beauty. The beaches and coast are really beautiful and so many visitors have been there during summer season. 

If we talked about my personal experience then every place has their advantage as well as disadvantages. The country is really very good and all the tourist attractions are really very good as point of their historical view.

The University

Now I am going to talk about the University, The name of the university is Vern University of applied science, this university has good position in Croatia and its one of the famous university in Zagreb, Croatia. The faculty is really good the environment and the teaching faculties really good. The university campus is really nice and interior is so good . The staff is quite reliable and friendly with students. The teaching staff is highly qualified.  The location of the campus is really very good and transportation is quite comfortable. I met another students who come from different countries and we share our thoughts and views and share lots of information related to our education, Its really great experience and we met different culture and tradition and enjoy the sea side also. The life style of croatian people is so relaxing. During the working time they have so many breaks called "Pausa". 

During my session we visit so many places and some of our visits are professional that are related to our study and some are casuals just hang out with Erasmus students. We had one of our study  module on VIS Island. The Vern university has one branch over there and every academic year they have some classes over there. I am really lucky that I choose that module and had chance to visit on Vis Island. Its really a beautiful place and also have some historical places related to World War 2. Everyday the University cab bring us to visit those historical places . I really had a great time over there. I wish to be there again in future.

Pros and cons

Every place have good and bad things, I am talking about the bureaucracy of the Croatia its not good, because people works there is so lazy.Maybe I faced some problem because I am not European I am foreigner there so that's why I have to go so many offices for registration my visa , for my accommodation and another documentation procedure related to my visa and temporary stay over there. But for all these kind of process i was not alone there is one of our coordinator Named Martina she is working in Erasmus office in the University and almost every time she insisted me to do all kind of my documents process. 

Living in Croatia

For getting accommodation there at the moment is really so difficult, So if someone wants to go there he/she must be confirmed their accommodation before arrival. The expenses are a bit higher rather than Poland, But for students they have one facilities and its really very good. that is Student Restaurant called MANZA. students have to show their id which is issued by the University and student get discount in food around 70%. and students can eat food three times in a day in those kind of restaurant i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner. this service is really good I really appreciate this.

As far as I say the experience i got there is really very good. I got ECTS 30/32 and successfully finished my semester.  I enjoyed the weather there and I have done my one semester at Vern University Zagreb, Croatia is memorable for me.

Once more I would like to say thanks again for giving this chance for Erasmus study and thanks to Host University and their Erasmus Staff.