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Report of the visit  with to Rome within Erasmus +


On 9-18 November 2014 WSGE staff held a series of lectures at the university Universita degli Studi Internazional (UNINT) in Rome under the Erasmus+ program. Cooperation with UNINT is relatively new, since it was established in 2013 on the initiative of WSGE employee Iwona Niedziółka as broadening cooperation and international exchange.


Assoc. Magdalena Sitek conducted lectures on "The Legacy of Alcide De Gasperi in the eyes of Poles."

Prof Bronisław Sitek conducted lectures on "The child as a subject of rights from the perspective of economic interests".

Margaret Such-Pyrgiel, PhD. conducted lectures on "Socio-demographic changes in modern societies - single life as an alternative to family."

Tadeusz Graca, PhD. conducted lectures on “ Iinterdysciplinary program on pedagogy and other social sciences. "

Whereas Iwona Niedziółka undergone training in the International Cooperation Office in UNINT.

All participants held discussions on further plans for the development of cooperation between the two institutions. Both parties provided the desire to renew the interinstitutional agreement for 2014-2020. Moreover, WSGE representatives met with WSGE student currently residing in Rome.

The delegation was finally invited for the lecture on the economics of Alcide De Gasperi, the great Italian, WSGE patron.