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Erasmus experience - Nnuji Charles Emeka




My name is Nnuji Charles Emeka; I am a fifth semester student of BBA in university of euroregional economics (WSGE). During the winter semester of 2015/2016 session, I was given the wonderful opportunity to choose a foreign university for my exchange program, so here an interesting and eventful chapter of my academic life begins.




Before I tell my story, I would like to write a few words about Erasmus. The Erasmus program is the brain child of the European Union, it was established in 1987 and later turned into Erasmus+ or Erasmus plus in January of 2014 to combine all the EUs current schemes for education, training, youth and sport. The main aim of Erasmus from my opinion is to foster greater integration and bridge the cultural gap between fellow European states.




Being of African origins and having the opportunity to study in Europe was wonderful in of its self, but having the opportunity to study in a European city of my choice with all expense paid was almost a dream. When the choice presented its self, I said why not Rome, I love Rome, its obviously ancient and beautiful, having the right aura of culture gained over thousands of years, and home to the Vatican, so the choice was clear.


 The name of the university I chose was Universita degli studi internazionali di Roma, it’s a private university founded in 1996, what the university lacked in size and number of years in operation it more than made-up for in professionalism. Everything done in the university was above satisfactory, from the students relations department to the library to the relaxation area was done perfect, the school also boasted quit a large number of professors and economic researchers of high experience which added to my learning experience while there.




Rome is truly a beautiful city, there’s something for everyone in Rome no matter where you come from. While in Rome I visited so many places of historic significance, walked on streets once walked upon by emperors, sat in gardens once the leisure place of nobles and climbed the hills that surround Rome. The experience for me was different because I didn’t feel like a tourist, I had my classmate who was more than happy to show and share with me the hidden attractions of his proud and beautiful city and I enjoyed and appreciated every minute of it. On the down side compared to Warsaw, Rome is orders of magnitude more expensive, also because it’s an old city housing millions of natives and tourist the transportation and public service is under a lot of strain, which makes me rate Warsaw well ahead of Rome in this spheres.




When travelling abroad as a student the most important things are security and good money management. Before going to that country, go online and spend 30 minutes researching about the country or city, then download a transportation app, which would literally save your life. Make accommodation arrangements well ahead using the service provider of your choice, this saves you the trouble of looking for accommodation when you are in country.


Life in a new city is fascinating and mesmerizing but do not lose focus on your main objective for travelling, always be security conscious and have good money management.