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Erasmus experience - Ugochukwu Humphrey Obioha


My names are Ugochukwu Humphrey Obioha from Nigeria. I am a 5th semester student of BBA (bachelor of business administration) currently in my final year in Wyższa Szkoła Gospodarki Euroreginalnej (WSGE)/the University of Euro-regional economy in Jozefow, Poland.


                                              Appreciation to my home university

First of all, before I commence on my Erasmus⁺ story, at this juncture, I would like to give a special thanks to WSGE my home university for honoring me this pleasant opportunity to participate in the summer session of 2015/2016 on an Erasmus more grease to your elbow.

                                                     Let’s think Erasmus⁺!

Before I share my Erasmus experience, I would to share a brief Erasmus⁺ history and the Erasmus in general in my own perspective. Erasmus⁺ as it reads, stands for (European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Student) is a European Union exchange student program established in 1987. Moreover, the struggle to its establishment, wasn’t easy as falling off a log because of the hostile reaction to the proposal of its adoption by then  member states (France, Germany and United kingdom ), which are those distinguished with substantial  exchange program of their own, while other remaining member states favored the proposal.

Furthermore, Erasmus became the new program of a combination of the entire E.U scheme for integrating- education, training, youth and sport commenced 2years ago (Jan.2014).

Finally, the rapid growth of Erasmus program was built on the 1981-1986 pilot student exchange, although shortly before the inception of the academic year 1987-1988 with only 3,244 students to take part in its first year to an enormous number of over 4 million students round the globe, named a Dutch  philosopher – Desderius  Erasmus  of Rotterdam.


                                                         Erasmus in my perspective

The Erasmus program is a bridge to open up-minds and broaden insights, an exchange of cultural differences, languages and life style. Frankly speaking, been of an African origin, Erasmus for me, been honored with the privilege to pick a partner university of my choice was something to write to home about.  It was an opportunity to live and study in another European country entirely different from Poland and it occurred to me “Spain” a beautiful country filled with good people of great sense of hospitality and of course! A football loving nation with passion like I do was also a significant element of reason to choose Spain.


                   My experience as an Erasmus student in Castellon (Spain)

Castellon de la Plana, Spain, a small Valencian community otherwise called “la communidad de Valenciana” in Spanish. Despite its small nature, it is the city housing my host university – UJI (Universitat Juame I), established in 1991. This year she celebrated her 25th anniversary of existence to its record, a university of excellence not only in high education standard, but in sports and her great role integrating international students irrespective of religion, country or skin color.

However, arriving to Castellon, knowing little about the city, kept me in suspense I would say, and keen to explore the new land and the same time not losing the focus on my primary purpose as an ambassador to my home university (WSGE) and to Poland as a whole. In addition, prior to my arrival, I booked my accommodation in time to save me the stress of running “helter-skelter” in search of a place to rest my head.  It also saved me the stress and money because of its closeness to the university, so I had no difficulty getting to lectures or exams, since it only took me 10-15 minutes on foot. A community with a moderate living standard and affordable to live in, if you have a good money management. And moreover, there are lots of places to shop, hangout and relax ,like- Mercadona (the most visited supermarket)with low affordable prices, parks and not to talk of “las playas”(the beaches) to relax and tan during the sunny days for those that do, pubs and clubs in Castellon.

                          “A land with a beautiful landscape to explore, green and friendly”

   Most importantly, my host university (UJI) made available to students everything to succeed as an individual from good class atmosphere, highly equipped library with Mac-computers, gym, bank, bookshop and what have you.




                                       Excursions to historical places

Allow me, to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to the entire management of UJI,from the top to the bottom, essentially the ORI-( Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales)/the office of intentional relations with the collaboration of ESN(Erasmus student network)Castellon,Spain for organizing some memorable trips ,especially the trip to Peniscola . A place of a great historical significance, once a shield against the foe, ruled and occupied by kings and Queens, Emperors, knights ever-protecting the municipality in the province of Castellon, Valencian community, Spain. The town is located on the “Costa Del Azahar”, north of the Serra d’lrta a very attractive, beautiful and popular tourist destination long the Mediterranean coast.  I witnessed the knights performed knight sword fight as a show in their full regalia as it used to be back in the day. And also I was fortunate to step into castle used for one scene in “Game of Thrones” for those of us that love watching series; I would personally advice anyone going to Spain to visit “Peniscola”. 

                                         A piece for the future Erasmus students

“Make sure you choice the university that speaks the language, you can understand to be able to follow up quickly. browse your about  university and city before mobility, be security conscious and book your accommodation in time as said earlier and lastly, remember your primary purpose don’t be carried away by your surroundings”, thank you.