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I am Dilshod from Uzbekistan. I am student of  University of Euro-regional economy in Jozefow, Poland in 4th semester. I would like to share with you my Erasmus experience in Castellon De la Plana, Spain.   

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So for five months I had the opportunity to study abroad thanks to the Erasmus Program and I chose Spain as my destination. I had a similar experience when I came in Poland 1st time. But I had never thought about studying in Spain when I was in my home country but Spain had the conditions that I was looking for the country for my Erasmus. Besides that, I met so many of people whom were there before they loved it, so “why don’t I do the same”. So, I decided to go to Spain as a Erasmus student.


 The Erasmus in Castellón is a great experience. In any country, in any city you have the opportunity to know lots of people coming from all over the world, that's true, but since Castellón is quite a small city it's very easy and fast to get to know people and new friends. The city is conquered by students. It had typical Spanish food, exactly coming from the Comunidad Valenciana, the region where Castellón is placed. Fun, culture and a social life to rival anywhere in the world. Although studying wasn’t really hard for me or any of my friends, I must admit I learned a lot. May be, the schedule of the lessons is a little bit confusing because at the beginning of the course we had just a few lessons but at the end we had so many of them. Yes, of course. The city is quite small, but very nice, near Valencia, another beautiful city and the University is new and very good, and so are the teachers. Besides, in the University campus, you will find a gym, two football fields, a swimming pool and many other things. The social life, the friends I made and the experiences even a different point of view of my professors at the University was truly valuable. The University also offers many other activities for Erasmus students I had time to have fun and to travel around the country and Europe.

 People are so kind although they have their own way of living the life. Although it’s not the same, it’s still fantastic to be able to keep in touch with all friends and keep the opportunity to go back and see how the city has got on since the last time.

So my advice for anyone is, if you’re given the opportunity to go to this place, do it. Erasmus experience in Spain is amazing, is a wonderful country, full of different cultures. Don’t lose the opportunity. You won’t regret it.


My Erasmus experience at the UJI in Castellon De la Plana, Spain was AMAZING!