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Dear students – University gives you possibility to change accommodation for flat / house.


Option 1 – University helps you to find a flat / house

In this option we`ll cooperate with rental agency. We`ll publish all available offers and details about agreement. In all cases you`ll have to cover commission for this company for the service (50% of rental cost for one month).

Students who paid for accommodation in advance to the University`s bank account will save this money (until amount paid to the University will be used, we`ll cover the cost of new accommodation).

Always in the offer you`ll find the number of required residents. You should create a group of students, who will stay there. You should also choose one person, who will be the leader of the group. This person will sign agreement with the owner of the flat / house.


Option 2 – You want to move out from the hostel and you`ve already find new accommodation

In this option we`ll ask you to write application to the Chancellor of WSGE. Within 3 days, we`ll refund accommodation fee and you can move out to another place. It also means that you can`t stay in the hostel longer than period mentioned in the application to the Chancellor (we`ll dedicate your place in the hostel for new student)

Always we`ll deduct 100 Euros of your accommodation fee (rest of paid amount, together with refundable safety deposit will be paid to the bank account*, which you`ll indicate in the application (in Euro) or in cash.

*For University it doesn`t matter who is the owner of the bank account (it can be your friend`s bank account / parent).


Available Offers:

Offer 1

  • House, Derkaczy Street, Warsaw
  • Route from Derkaczy Street to the University: LINK
  • Fee per person: 125€ / month
  • 3 rooms, kitchen and bathroom
  • Required fees: 125€ for 1st month, 50€ for the rental agency (commission), 125€ refundable safety deposit
  • Required group of   8  students


Offer 2


  • House, Kajki Street, Warsaw
  • Route from Kajki Street to the University: LINK
  • Fee per person: 128€ / month
  • 2 rooms, kitchen and bathroom
  • Required fees: 128€ for 1st month, 64€ for the rental agency (commission), 24€ refundable safety deposit
  • Required group of   8  students
  • Contact phone: 880-373-373