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You can find here information how the whole "writting process" goes. 

Plese read it carefully and follow these steps to complete your thesis without any problems. 

1Attend proseminnars - sounds so obvious - these lectures are to prepare you to write the thesis corectly

2Sign up to your thesis supervisor - by the 31st of March(if you were enrolled in February) 31st of October (if you were enrolled in October) of your last year of studies you have to contact the Dean's Office to sign up to the chosen supervisor seminars.

3Attend seminars - once again - it so obvious - if you attend seminars and listen to your supervisor's guidelines - you will have no problems to complete the thesis.

034Declare the tittle of your thesis - by the 30th of April (if you were enrolled in February) 30th of November  (if you were enrolled in October) of your last year of studies it is required to submit the form with your thesis tittle (supervisor's approval is required!)

Download the form/declaration - Master's level

Download the form/declaration - Bachelor's level

5Complete the seminars and all subjects of your study programme - before completing both internship and all subjects you cannot defend your thesis

6Complete your internship - (all of the formal matters have to be officially approved with cooperation with the Career Services Office - do not wait until the last days!)

The thesis & required documents (to be submitted in the Dean's Office)

All of the following documents must be provided at least two weeks  before the final exam!

Documents provided later will not be accepted.

7Provide us with confirmed educational documents (nostrification/legalization) - without such legalization we cannot allow you to take the final exam

8Thesis burned on a CD, in .doc file format. CD must be signed by a index number of a student, name and surname of the student, field of study, major, name of the supervisor, thesis tittle

9Fee for your diploma (100zł) - remember to pay the fee before the final exam

10Prepare your thesis in accordance with the thesis guidelines. Remember to prepare the front page / tile page of the thesis in accordance with the official layout. It is available here in the form of  PRESENTATION or WORD FORMAT or PDF FORMAT.  10

11After finishing your thesis and before any acceptance signatures put on the thesis, you have to send your final version of the thesis to the Dean's Office in order to check your thesis in the antiplagiarism software. After receiving a positive report on lack of plagiarism you can contact your supervisor to finally accept your thesis.

12Acceptance from the supervisor (in written form => "accepted") confirming that the thesis met all of the requirements and it is ready to be submitted

13Two printed copies of the thesis bouned and one in a hardcover copy with the signature of the promoter ("thesis accepted").

14Statements concerning copyrights and no conflict with the copyright law. Do not include these statements into the hardcopy. Deliver them to the Dean's Office separately. 
Download statements

15Student’s clearance slip, to be signed in the library and at the cash desk - is is required to return all the books and pay all the fees - look at p.9

165 photos (4.5 cm x 6.4 cm)

17Prepare to the final exam