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CONVOCATION - October 4, 2018

4th October 2018 was a very important day for Alcide De Gasperi University and for many of our students. On this day, students who finished their Bachelor’s or Master’s study received DEGREE. The convocation was held with the participation of the WSGE authorities and our dear graduates accompanied with their families and friends.

Getting the International Bachelor’s or Master’s degree was the main goal and purpose of coming to our University and to Poland. Now, after time of hard work, you obtained your goal. Alcide De Gasperi University in Jozefów would like to say thank you to all our graduates for being part of our University. Please remember, that getting degree is not the end of your life journey. It is only the beginning to your professional life and career. We wish you all the best. May the success you are celebrating now helps you in your bright future.

Photos from this event are available at: CONVOCATION - 4th October 2018