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"Youth and volunteers during the war in the east of Ukraine".

On April 15-16, as part of the National Pedagogical Conference "Child and Family in Difficult Situations - Contemporary Dilemmas and Challenges", there will be a photo exhibition entitled "Youth and volunteers during the war in the east of Ukraine".

The exhibition presents the activities of Ukrainian volunteers who are involved in supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces fighting against Russian aggression in the East of the country. Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to meet volunteers and the authors of the exhibition in person.

The exhibition consists of three parts:

  1. "War is hard work of soldiers" - photos devoted to everyday life and work of soldiers and their struggle at the borders of Europe.
  2. "Soldier and family" - photos dedicated to Ukrainian soldiers in their personal and family life.
  3. "War is a joint effort" - the pictures show the work of volunteers in a time when Ukraine was in a very difficult position, almost without army, almost defenseless against Russian aggression, and when Ukraine adopted the idea of ​​civilian rebellion and a spontaneous volunteer movement was created that supports soldiers on front.

The exhibition is presented by: Alina Bulanova, Anastasiia Farafonova, Darria Kosiak - students of Kharkiv State Academy of Culture, Ukraine, Kharkiv