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The University is closed 2019-05-25 Read more
Online survey - EUROSTUDENT 2019-05-25 Read more
Lectures postponed - 22th of May - Nicolas Levi  2019-05-20 Read more
ERASMUS PLUS 2019-05-17 Read more
INFORMATION MEETING - JOB 2019-05-06 Read more
Happy Easter 2019-04-19 Read more
"Youth and volunteers during the war in the east of Ukraine". 2019-04-14 Read more
International Conference on Society Researches 2019-04-07 Read more
Convocation ceremony 2019-04-05 Read more
Information 2019-04-01 Read more
HAPPY HOLI 2019-03-20 Read more
Meeting with McDonald 2019-03-15 Read more
CERTIKA certification 2019-03-13 Read more
Quality Management training 2019-03-06 Read more
Free trainings for WSGE students 2019-03-04 Read more
First semester students timetable - week 1 2019-02-28 Read more
Big achievement of our student 2019-02-27 Read more
Inauguration of the summer academic semester 2018/2019 2019-02-27 Read more
Control papers and exams results (Mr Artur Banaszak) 2019-02-07 Read more
ERASMUS PLUS Programme at WSGE 2019-02-07 Read more
Christmas help for PROMYCZEK 2018-12-22 Read more
Christmas Market 2018-12-16 Read more
Scientific Conference in Polish Senate 2018-12-16 Read more
WSGE students at BHANGRA PARTY 2018-12-16 Read more
VISA BUDDY PROGRAM 2018-12-16 Read more
WSGE in India 2018-12-16 Read more
Lecturers from Osmaniye Korkut Ata University 2018-11-26 Read more
Meeting with McDonald representatives 2018-11-19 Read more
Results of recruitment for paid internships 2018-11-16 Read more
Polish business language course 2018-11-14 Read more
Information for BIT students 2018-11-13 Read more
Information from Marek Zborowski PhD for students of EM (Master) 2018-11-11 Read more
13th – 14th November 2018: LIBRARY CLOSED 2018-11-11 Read more
12th November 2018 - DAY OFF 2018-11-08 Read more
HAPPY DIWALI 2018-11-07 Read more
Medical test 2018-11-06 Read more
CONVOCATION - October 4, 2018 2018-10-06 Read more
Orientation Week - October 2018 2018-10-06 Read more
REFUND POLICY for October Intake students 2018-09-25 Read more
CONVOCATION CEREMONY - 4th October 2018 2018-09-19 Read more
IMPORTANT INFORMATION for BIT students 2018-09-13 Read more
TRC – “Academic Saturday” 2018-09-12 Read more
Meeting with McDonald representatives 2018-09-10 Read more
SUMMER SPORTS SESSION 2018-07-17 Read more
CONGRATULATION to our GRADUATES 2018-07-16 Read more
Meeting for IT students 2018-07-12 Read more
WSGE 17. private University in Poland! 2018-06-13 Read more