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Orientation Week - October 2018

We are beginning our new academic year 2018/2019. Many new students from different countries have come to WSGE to start their study. Like every semester,  we have began with the ORIENTATION WEEK.

We start our new semester with official opening with the participation of our students, the university authorities, the academic staff and invited guests. The inauguration lecture – “Social Media as a Mitigator  for Creating Identity in New Social Movement Approach” was given by Professor Susran Erkan Eroğlu from Turkey. Our new students had also opportunity to meet with WSGE authorities and learn more about Poland, University and their study process. In addition, they received very helpful tips on how to life and function at WSGE and in Poland.

We cordially welcome our new students to Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy in Jozefów – Warsaw, Poland. We wish you good and fruitful stay in our University and our country. We hope that the journey you have just started will be a wonderful time in your life.

Photos from this event are available at: ORIENTATION WEEK – OCTOBER 2018