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REFUND POLICY for October Intake students

Dear Partners,

please be informed that we`ll accept refund applications for October 2018 intake only until 15th November 2018. It means that every rejected student, until 15th November 2018, has to submit application for the refund together with refusal letter. Moreover, whoever had paid fees and didn`t get the visa date, has to submit refund application until the same deadline.

If someone decides to take a risk and leave payment from October intake for the February intake,  it`s upon his own responsibility. There is a risk that again there will be no way to book the date in the Embassy (slot system is out of anyone`s control so we can`t guarantee the date, it`s controlled only by the Consulate). But after 15th November 2018 we`ll not refund fees paid for October intake. This decision is final and will not be changed under any circumstances.