Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy in Józefów


If you are interested to study in WSGE


1I want to go for Erasmus. What to do?

In order to apply for Erasmus Program the student must submit:

  • an application for the Erasmus+ program to the university Institutional Coordinator Mrs. Assoc. Prof. Magdalena Sitek. The application should state where the student would like to go:
    • for studies - for how long (one or two semesters in one academic year)
    • for internship (minimum 2 months – preferred duration of stay 3 months during the holiday season)

After a preliminary recruitment procedure the student will be informed about the selection procedure (the date of recruitment interview and the student's average grade ranking list).

2I received the scholarship. What's next?

Accepted students will sign a Grant Agreement studies or Grant agreement for traineeships with the university and 

will have to read Erasmus Student Charter:



The students will get the grant in 2 installments: 70-80% before the mobility and the rest after mobility and after submitting all documents.

The amount of the grant will be calculated per each day according to the financial rates:



The student will be also asked to log in to OLS (online linguistic support) and do the language test. (The access to the survey should be obtained at the Erasmus Office)


3Erasmus is finished :( ... what should I bring back with me?

After the completion of the scholarship Erasmus student is obliged to deliver to the university:

  • Section: AFTER MOBILITY in the Learning Agreement for studies/Learning Agreement for Traineeship

    Please take a careful look at: Start date and end date of your mobility. This information is crucial for your grant.


    • On-line survey for the student (the access to the survey should be obtained at the Erasmus Office)
    • OLS test