Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy in Józefów


If you are interested to study in WSGE

Exams take place in so called "exam session / exam period". It's a time at the end of every semester when all of the exams take place.

For every exam you receive a ECTS point. You have to complete 30 ECTS point to complete the semester. 

Taking exams - conditions
  • minimum 50% of attendance (the teacher may set this level higher)
  • passing "practical" part of classes (e.g. homeworks, essays, projects etc.)
  • clean financial status
What to do if you failed the exam?
  1. If you failed to be allowed to take the exam (see conditions above), you have to go for 2nd attempt, it also means you receive the mark 2.0 (failed) in the first exam.
  2. If you failed the 1st or 2nd attempt you simply have another chance. In total you have 3 attempts 
    Note: If you got to the 3rd exam attempt, it means that you have failed 1st and 2nd attempt so you already have score "2" in your marksheet - it means you failed twice.
What if you failed all 3 attempts?

It means you did not manage to complete your semester and you cannot bo moved to the next one.

If you just leave it and do nothing about it you will be deleted from the students' registry within 2 weeks from the end of semester.

What can you do then?

You can write an application to the Dean of the Faculty to move you to the next semester under condition that you will pass failed course. It is called "conditional entry".

Unfortunately it also mean that you have to take the classes again and pay relevant part of the tuition fee again. 

Our foreign students who apply for the TRC (Temporary Resident Card) should remember that if you failed exams and did not apply for "conditional entry", will not receive a letter saying that you passed all exams - necessary for issuing TRC. Please keep it in mind and think ahead. 

Conditions to receive positive TRC letter from the University
  1. passing all of the exams
  2. paid tuition fee for the next year/semester*
  3. completing obligatory internship (e.g. Master's students have to submit documents confirming completing 240 hours of internship by the end of 1st year)

* you can apply to pay in 2 instalments if your attendance in previous semester was very good and you have very good marks (e.g. no 2nd and 3rd attempt exams)