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This is the management course giving students the broadest perspective and the biggest opportunity for professional career and future in the business area. This course is designed for those who think about running own business or working as managers in the companies in different part of economy. It is designed to create modern leaders and managers, full of knowledge, skills and competences, who will be able to cope with different business issues and conduct business operations in current world. The course will also give the international and global business perspective, so our graduates will be able to work and act in different parts of the world.

Second degree studies last no shorter than four semesters. Number of hours should not be less than 800. Number of ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System) should not be less than 120.



Course lasts 2 years / 4 academic semester. Tuition fee costs 3000 Euros / year (6000 euro for the entire course). 


MBA – Master’s degree in Business Administration

The course is designed as the mix of different subjects related to business operations focused on general economy, entrepreneurship, finance and banking, management of human recourses as well as  marketing, promotions and public relations. All areas are taken from the international and global perspective. The graduates will get advanced knowledge, skills and competences which will be useful

  • to effectively manage the enterprise,
  • to conduct the recruitment process and effectively manage people as capital,
  • to use economic and legal conditions to create and develop forms of individual entrepreneurship,
  • to appreciate the importance of new management concepts and methods.


The course is composed of four main parts:

  1. The basic subjects

This part includes subjects from:

  • The social science area (for example: Brand management and creating a personal brand, Social and cultural impact of media),
  • Language courses (Polish and English language).


  1. The general management subjects

This part includes subjects which give advanced knowledge, skills and competences in the area of management:

  • Different aspects of economy from global perspective (for example: Macroeconomic),
  • Management issues (for example: Management concepts, Strategic management with operational research, Security management with elements of operational command and leadership, Psychology and ethics in management),
  • Running own business (for example: Entrepreneurship, Negotiations and communication in business) and about very important financial aspects of business (for example: Cost accounting and managerial accountancy),
  • Marketing issues (for example: International marketing with communication and promotion in marketing).


  1. The specialization subjects

This part of the course is focused on management of business operation. It includes:

  • Knowledge on running own business or working as a manager in different types of companies (for examples: Management of the company, Information Technologies in Business Management, Business Analysis, Risk Management),
  • Human capital (for example; Theory of HR),
  • Financial issues (for example: Finance of Enterprise and Financial Analysis, International Finances and Management of International Finances).


  1. The practical part – internship in the business field

This part of study course is meant to give students practical skills related to the knowledge they got from lectures. It is implemented in two ways:

  • Practical classes (for example: projects, case study and the simulation on opening own company, running the interview with candidates for job, on accounting issues, on creating the business plans. on creating projects),
  • Internship in different companies such as financial institutions, banks, non-governmental organizations, companies from different part of industry.

As the University we offer also extra-curriculum workshops, the internships as the part of Erasmus program implemented in different countries of the European Union as well as paid internship under the Europeans Union programs.


The graduates of Master in Business Administration are prepared to work in managerial positions (middle and senior level managers), as well as they are able to run successfully own business After completing the MBA course, the graduates will be able:

  • to understand basic principles and rules of global economy.
  • to open and to run own business,
  • to understand the idea of HR management and successfully deal with different issues in this area
  • to understand and be able to control financial aspects of business,
  • to understand banking issues and be able to cooperate with banking system in order to run the business
  • to understand the principles and rules of marketing promotion ad PR and be able to use them for the good of the company.

STUDY PROGRAMME FOR MASTER'S IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (please click to download the study program)