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Virtual Library of Science 

Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy gained access to the Virtual Library of Science (WBN), which was launched with a view to all Polish universities, research institutes, scientists and students. WBN is universal and free access to the most important scientific publications in the world. "Virtual Library of Science is a significant support in research its development and implementation in all areas of knowledge and research specialties in Poland, as well as an important support for graduate students or students preparing theses." Thanks to the national licenses funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, WSGE in Józefów have access to the following databases:

1. EBSCO - license covers multi-discipline basic package of 12 databases, including 7 full-text databases, containing scientific journals of various publishers, books, newspapers and other publications, and 5 bibliographic databases; in thematic databases are, among others, science, chemistry, physics, engineering.

2. Elsevier  a national academic license covers all the magazines from updated annually list of Freedom Collection now covering approx. 1,780 titles of current releases from 1995 and the archives of 350 titles not continued or continued under another name

3. Springer - license covers more than 2,700 current journal titles, full archive of journals in 1291, as well as access to more than 23 thousand titles of books in various fields, including chemistry, physics, and technical sciences.

4. Nature and Science – the most prestigious scientific journals. Having one of the biggest indicators of Impact Factor.

5. Wiley-Blackwell  Wiley Journals are available from 2012 onwards as part of a nationwide academic license, which was renewed in 2013. The national license includes updated annually collection of magazines "Full Collection", which currently contains 1371 titles in science, humanities and social sciences together with the archives since year of 1997 . Annals of the license period (from 2012) will be archived on the server in the ICM with the right of indefinite access to all academic institutions in the country (Poland).

6. SCOPUS - Interdisciplinary database of abstracts and citations.

7. Web of Konowledge - contains indexes of citations, together with bibliographic information and abstracts of articles, as well as the bibliometric evaluation of citation of scientific journals and also has an Impact Factor.